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State of Delaware Office of Pensions

1099-R Forms Updates for 2020

The IRS issued an updated 1099-R form for the 2020 tax year that included minor changes, including renumbered boxes. Unfortunately, the Office of Pensions used the prior 1099-R version to produce our 2020 tax documents. The information contained within the 1099-R issued by the Office of Pensions is accurate. However, ”State Tax Withheld“ and “State/Payer’s state no.” on the form you received are shown in Boxes 12 and 13, respectively, and should have been Boxes 14 and 15 per the 2020 IRS update. If you need the corrected version of the 1099-R for your records, please contact the Office of Pensions.

In addition, the Office of Pensions mailed corrected 1099-R forms to approximately 2,300 individuals because Box 9a (Your percentage of total distribution) printed with 1% instead of 100%. Please contact our office if you were affected by this correction and did not receive your corrected 1099-R.

Pre-Retirement Workshops

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