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Retiree tax statements will be mailed during the last week of January to pensioners who received a benefits payment from the State of Delaware Office of Pensions during 2016.

Please review your State of Delaware pension benefit tax withholding election. In the event that you wish to change your current tax withholding, you may print from our website the Tax Withholding Election (TWE) form * for submission to our office.

*Only submit this form if you wish to make a change.

Affordable Care Act Statement (Form 1095B)

During the last week of January, IRS Form 1095B will be mailed to retirees who were enrolled for the entire year* of 2016 in a State of Delaware Group Health Insurance plan for themselves and dependents, if any. If a covered dependent does not live with the retiree, the retiree is responsible for providing a copy of Form 1095B to that dependent. As part of the Affordable Care Act requirements, retirees will use Form 1095B when filing their 2016 federal tax return to verify health coverage. Please keep this form with your important documents. It does not need to be attached to your tax return.

Retirees and their covered dependents who are enrolled in Medicare as their primary insurance will not receive a form from the Office of Pensions. Medicare Part A is a government-sponsored program that provides minimum essential coverage and is exempt from reporting by the State of Delaware.

Please look over our 1095-B FAQ sheet if you have any questions.

*Retirees who were active employees for any part of 2016 will not receive Form 1095B from the Office of Pensions. Instead, they will receive Form 1095C from the State of Delaware Payroll System which will show their coverage while an active employee as well as a retiree.