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State of Delaware Office of Pensions

Correctional/Specified Peace Officer Pension Calculator

If you do not currently have the required 20 years of service as a Correctional Officer or Specified Peace Officer, use the State Employees Pension Plan calculator to obtain your estimate.

How to retrieve your Comprehensive Annual Statement

To access:
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Click on Delaware Single Sign-On tile
Click on the Pension Self Service tile
Click on Comprehensive Statement
Click View for the 2021 Year

For Example Only

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Click "Estimate Pension" to display the Estimated Pension

Estimated Monthly Pension Benefit
* * * These are for estimation purposes only * * *

50% survivor option 66% survivor option 75% survivor option 100% survivor option
$ $ $ $

For questions about the different percentages for the survivor options - please read more here.

Part 1 Estimate - Calculation for years of service prior to January 1, 1997:

Total Compensation:
Average Compensation:
Part 1 Factor 1:
Part 1 Pre 1997 Service:
Estimate Part 1 Pension:

Part 2 Estimate - Calculation for years of service post December 31, 1996:

Average Compensation:
Part 2 Factor 2:
Part 2 Post 1996 Service:
Estimate Part 2 Pension:

Part 3 Estimate - Years of Service Greater than 25:

Average Compensation:
Part 3 Factor 3:
Part 3 Service (>25 Years):
Estimate Part 3 Pension:

Part 4 Estimate - Calculation for years of service Post 2021 (Up to 20):

Average Compensation:
Part 4 Factor 4:
Part 4 Service (Up to 20 Years Post 2021):
Estimate Part 4 Pension:

Part 5 Estimate - Calculation for years of service Post 2021 (Beyond 20):

Average Compensation:
Part 5 Factor 5:
Part 5 Service (>20 Years Post 2021):
Estimate Part 5 Pension:

Total Pension Estimate


This estimate is for illustrative purposes only. Estimated calculations have been rounded to two digits. It is intended to assist with long-term financial planning. It is not a guarantee of pensions that may be available to a member at retirement. Any reliance on information obtained through this pensions estimator must be done solely at the user's own risk.

No decisions should be made regarding actual retirement choices based in whole or in part upon information obtained through this pension estimator. Before making any final retirement plans, a member should contact an Office of Pensions pensions counselor. Nothing in this estimate is meant to extend or change in anyway the provisions expressed in the Plan. If there is a conflict between this calculation and the Plan, the Plan controls. All member accounts are subject to final audit. To obtain an estimate of pensions from the Office of Pensions, call 1-302-739-4208 or toll-free at 1-800-722-7300.

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