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State of Delaware Office of Pensions

Fiscal Year 2023 Post-Retirement Increase (PRI)

Senate Bill 251 includes a Post-Retirement Increase based on the pensioner’s effective date of retirement. Pensioners will receive this increase in their July 29, 2022, monthly pension benefit.

Effective Date of Retirement Increase
Prior to 7/1/1992 3%
7/1/1992 – 6/30/2017 2%

Who is entitled to receive the PRI?

  • State Employees’ Pension Plan
  • New State Police Pension Plan
  • Revised Judicial Plan
  • County and Municipal Plan – Police/Firefighters

Fiscal Year 2023 Salary Supplement

Senate Bill 251 also includes a one-time salary supplement of $500.00 for pensioners who retired prior to October 21, 2022. This one-time payment will be included with pensioner’s November 30, 2022 monthly pension benefit.

Note: Pensioners are only eligible for either the $500 one-time supplement as a pensioner or the $500 one-time supplement as a State employee (for example, substitute or casual/seasonal), but not both payments. Pensioners who are paid the supplement as active employees should be aware that these monies will be deemed wages and will count toward the $40,000 earnings limit.

Please contact the Office of Pensions at 302-739-4208 or with any questions regarding the Post-Retirement Increase or one-time salary supplement.

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