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State of Delaware Office of Pensions

Message From Pension Administrator

Welcome to the Delaware Public Employees’ Retirement System (DPERS) website, serving over 30,000 retired members and over 40,000 active members participating in a Defined Benefit Plan. DPERS takes responsibility for the management and investment of the trust fund and understands that markets will fluctuate. DPERS investment policy seeks to minimize risk and provide returns over the long term with a well-diversified investment portfolio. This has served its members well as the trust fund continues to remain as one of the top managed public pension funds in the country valued at approximately $11 billion.

Much of that success is attributable to the leadership of our longest serving Pension Administrator, David C. Craik, who retired on January 1, 2020. Dave retired from the State of Delaware with 32 years of service. During his tenure, he served as the first Deputy Pension Administrator at the Office of Pensions and then as the longest serving Pension Administrator for 23 years. We are truly grateful for his service and dedication to the members of the Delaware Public Employees’ Retirement System and wish him all the best in retirement.

As a citizen who was born, raised and educated in Delaware, a current employee of the State of Delaware and a future pensioner of the State Employees’ Pension Plan, I have a vested interest in serving DPERS and its membership!

Your Pension Administrator,
Joanna Adams

Pre-Retirement Workshops

There are no Pre-Retirement Workshops scheduled at this time but please check back frequently for updates.
State of Delaware Office of Pensions
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