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Board of Pension Trustees
Suzanne B. Grant, Chair Former Senior Vice President
- Salomon Smith Barney, Consulting Group
Arturo Agra Vice President of Strategic Planning
Thomas S. Shaw Former Executive Vice President
& Chief Operating Officer of PHI
Nancy M. Shevock Former Director
- Delaware Transit Corporation
Helen R. Foster, J.D. Consultant

Ex-Officio Board Members

Rick Geisenberger -State Secretary of Finance
Mike Jackson -Office of Management & Budget Director

Pension Administrator

David C. Craik -State Pension Administrator

Legal Counsel

Anne Marie Johnson

Investment Committee

George Saxon ,Chair
Suzanne Grant
Arturo Agra
Nancy Shevock
Mark Stalnecker
A. Dale Stratton

Audit Committee

Mark Finfrock, Chair
James Burke
Araya Debessay
Kathy White
Robert L. Paretta
Stephen D. Ritchie

Governance Committee

Tom Shaw, Chair
Arturo Agra
A. Dale Stratton
George Saxton
James Burke

Pension Advisory Council

Joseph Malloy, Chair
Robert Jameson, 1st Vice Chair
Charlotte T. Lister, 2nd Vice Chair
Janice Vander Decker (DSNA)
James Harrison (DSEA)
Robert Jameson (DFOP)
Nancy L. Patterson (DNG)
Mark Ryde (DSTA)
Edward Seibert (DASA)
David Taylor (DRSPA)
James Testerman, At Large