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The following lists the priority of survivor(s) unless you change the priority by filing a Priority of Eligible Survivors form (completed in its entirety) with the Office of Pensions:

  1. Surviving spouse* (widow or widower), provided such person had been married to the deceased member for at least one (1) year before the date of death;
  2. Unmarried child or children either under age 18 or between age 18 and 22, and attending school on a full-time basis, or over age 18 but permanently disabled before age 18;
  3. Dependent parent who was receiving at least one-half of his or her support from the member at the time of the member’s death.

*The amount payable to a widow or widower who has not attained age 50 at the time the survivor’s pension begins, shall be actuarially reduced, in accordance with actuarial tables approved by the Board, for each month the survivor is under age 50. However, the actuarial reduction for any such widow or widower shall not apply for the period during which such widow or widower has in his or her care an unmarried child(ren) as outlined in #2 above.